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The Islamic Human Rights Commission has produced a comprehensive page of Prevent Strategy campaign resources

The following links are also helpful:

In August 2017, JUST Yorkshire published “Rethinking Prevent: A Case for an Alternative Approach”, which makes a number of recommendations for counter-terrorism grounded first and foremost in respect for human rights and civil liberties. The report  is available here pdf

In July 2017, former independent reviewer of terrorism legislation David Anderson QC presented ‘Understanding Prevent’, a Radio 4 ‘Analysis’ programme examining the Prevent programme. Download the programme here [, 17 Mb]

In June 20117, Maina Kia (UN Special Rapporteur on the rights of freedom of speech and of assembly) released a follow-up report on the UK that highlighted the Government’s focus on countering “non-violent extremism” without a narrow and explicit definition of the term and specifically referred to the Prevent strategy. The report  is available here pdf

In February 2017, the Equalities and Human Rights Commission produced a guide, ‘Delivering the Prevent duty in a proportionate and fair way’, for higher education providers in England on how to use equality and human rights law in the context of Prevent. You can download a copy here pdf

In October 2016, the Open Society Justice Initiative published ‘Eroding Trust: The UK’s Prevent Counter-Extremism Strategy in Health and Education’. The full 152-page report is available as a PDF herepdfand there is also a 16-page summary pdf

In August 2016, the House Of Commons Home Affairs Committee published its report ‘Radicalisation: the counter-narrative and identifying the tipping point’, which is available as a PDF here pdf

Netpol has produced “Resisting Prevent – an activists’ guide” available online or as a PDF here pdf

The United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child: Fifth report on the UK’s compliance with the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) expressed concern that “counter-terrorism measures do not enjoy public confidence due to the lack of transparency and they are widely perceived to have a discriminatory or stigmatizing effect on children, in particular Muslim children.” The report is available at here.

Training material for the government’s Workshop to Raise Awareness of Prevent sessions, more commonly referred to as WRAP training, was leaked in February 2016 and is available online.

In January 2016, the Home Affairs Committee published written evidence submitted by David Anderson Q.C. (Independent Reviewer of Terrorism Legislation), which proposes “some form of independent review of the Prevent strategy”, as “the lack of confidence in aspects of the Prevent programme, particularly but not exclusively among Muslims, is undeniable” pdf

In January 2016, the Institute of Race Relations published a report, Prevent and the Children’s Rights Convention pdf, supporting the National Union of Teachers’ call for a more rational debate on the Prevent duty in schools.

The London Assembly’s Police & Crime Committee December 2015 report ‘Preventing Extremism in London’ pdf includes a critical Minority Report by Green Party Assembly Member Jenny Jones

In December 2015, NUS Black Students Campaign launched a ‘Preventing PREVENT’ handbook on countering the Prevent agenda on campuses

The Defend Free Speech campaign launched in October 2015 to oppose the government’s proposed Extremism Disruption Orders

The Prevent Watch website went live in October 2015 and provides a mechanism for reporting Prevent-related incidents

New guidance pdf issued by the Family Courts Division in October 2015 on radicalisation cases will allow for the removal children on the basis of secret MI5 allegations their parents cannot counter and rebut.

Building Distrust: Ethnic Profiling in Primary Schools – Adam Belaon, Claystone, September 2015 pdf

School Governors and British Values – Robin Richardson, Insted Consultancy, August 2015

Educators Not Informants poster for staff working in higher education institutions in the UK to demonstrate their refusal to spy on their students, August 2015

Palestine Solidarity Campaign -Preventing our collective rights to dissent, to campaign, and to protest for Palestinian rights, August 2015

Universities and Colleges Union (UCU) – The Prevent Duty: a guide for branches and members July 2015 pdf

The Protecting Thought statement published in July 2015 has been signed by over 200 academics, activists, legal and medical professionals.

A Decade Lost: Rethinking Radicalisation and Extremism – Arun Kundnani, Claystone, January 2015 pdf

Palestine Solidarity Campaign ‘Prevent Duty Guidance’ response, January 2015

CAMPCC ‘Prevent Duty Guidance’ response, January 2015 pdf

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