September 2016

Together Against Prevent

Government ‘must publish questionable science’ behind controversial counter-terrorism strategy | Robert Verkaik, The Independent

UK extremism screening for kids adapted from tests for convicted terrorists | Simon Hooper, Middle East Eye

Teenager Says He Was Blocked From Attending Labour Conference Because Of Prevent | Jim Waterson, Buzzfeed UK

Academics criticise anti-radicalisation strategy in open letter | Alice Ross, The Guardian

Anti-radicalisation strategy lacks evidence base in science | The Guardian – Letters

Britain’s loose definition of extremism is stoking a global crackdown on dissent | Jane Kinninmont, The Guardian

Oxford University vice-chancellor says Prevent strategy ‘wrong-headed’ | Rob Merrick, The Independent

Interview with Dr Salman Butt on Radicalisation, Universities & PREVENT | Islam 21C

Astonishing as it may seem, chanting ‘Viva Palestina’ could soon be a ‘hate crime’ | Yvonne Ridley, Middle East Monitor

‘Where to Guv, Raqqa?’ Prevent training included in taxi driver ‘knowledge’ tests | Simon Hooper, Middle East Eye

Pupils are ‘baffled by British values’ | The Yorkshire Post

Lib Dems aim to scrap ‘counter-productive’ Prevent strategy | Jessica Elgot, The Guardian

PREVENT is Untenable, it Needs to End | Coolness of Hind

Hundreds of children under 10 were ‘at risk of extremism’ in one year | Rob Merrick, The Independent

Referrals to government deradicalisation programme ‘increased sharply in 2015/16’ | ITV News

Fifteen years on from 9/11, how the UK bypassed justice to become a counter-terrorism state | Maria Norris, The New Statesman

This is what it is like to be a Muslim parent in a post-9/11 world | Huda Jawad, The Independent

Exclusive: Childline staff receiving controversial Prevent anti-terrorism training | David Jamieson, Common Space

Prevent courses on sale to schools deemed ‘poor quality’ by UK government | Simon Hooper, Middle East Eye

The politics of fear: how Britain’s anti-extremism strategy has failed | Tariq Ramadan, The Guardian

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