August 2016

Together Against Prevent

The Prevent strategy needs a rethink, not a rebrand | Maria Norris, The New Statesman

The problem with Prevent: ‘I was investigated by the government’s anti-radicalisation programme’ – video | The Guardian

Prevent: Where Perception Is More Important Than Reality | Waqar Ahmed, Huffington Post UK

PREVENT has ended, ENGAGE is its rebirth | CAGE

Nine things British MPs want to change about Prevent | Areeb Ullah, Middle East Eye

Radicalisation? gets itself in cluster-muddle over ‘terrorism’ | Alexander J Martin, The Register

I was escorted off a flight due to racist profiling. Britain must banish this bigotry | Maryam Dharas, The Guardian

British MPs call for rebrand of ‘toxic’ Prevent strategy | Simon Hooper and Areeb Ullah, Middle East Eye

Scheme to stop radicalisation is shunned | Fiona Hamilton, The Times

Edinburgh College drops Prevent from its staff training | Scotland Against Criminalising Communities

Choudary’s conviction – and why we don’t need an extremism offence | Paul Goodman, Conservative Home

Bristol Muslim leader backs ending scheme that uses teachers and nurses to spot potential terrorists | Patrick Daly, The Bristol Post

We can all be a little radicalised: recognising this will help tackle extremism | Gavin Bailey, The Conversation

Glasgow teachers given training in “Snitchers’ Charter” | Scotland Against Criminalising Communities

I was held after reading a book on a plane – we need to rethink our terror laws | Faizah Shaheen, The Guardian

Dear Owen Smith – Backing the Racist Prevent Strategy Won’t Win You This Election, It’ll Lose Labour Votes | Ali Milani, Huffington Post UK

Radicalised girl’s death should prompt review of Prevent, says MP | Jamie Grierson, The Guardian

Theresa May’s counter-extremism strategy ‘negatively affecting unemployed Muslims’ | Andy McSmith, The Independent

Radical thinking: can violent extremism be prevented by addressing mental health? | Jessica J Steventon, Open Democracy

Armed police on the streets of London won’t stop terrorism while ordinary Muslims are labelled extremists | Robert Verkaik, The Independent

British Muslim held by anti-terrorism police for reading Syrian art book | Middle East Eye

Public-sector workers are being asked to become the thought police | Stephen Smellie, Morning Star

Government’s counter-extremism strategy faces court challenge | Simon Israel, Channel 4 News

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