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July 2017

Together Against Prevent

Government risks ‘alienating’ Muslims with response to terror attacks, watchdog warns | Lizzie Dearden, The Independent

Documents show Prevent used to censor Glasgow School of Art student’s work | Claire Kopsky, Index on Censorship

Anti-terror strategy Prevent could stigmatise Muslim students say Huddersfield academics | Tony Earnshaw, Huddersfield Examiner

‘Prevent duty’ ineffective, stigmatises Muslim students – research | Study International

The Prevent duty is two years old. What’s really going on in schools and colleges? | Joel Busher, Tufyal Choudhury & Paul Thomas, Democratic Audit

‘Our criticism of Prevent is based on facts, not myths’ | Asim Qureshi, Al Jazeera

Anti-extremism Prevent drive ‘risks stigmatising’ Muslim students, Coventry University finds | James Rodger, Coventry Telegraph

Michael Gove’s ‘brain flip’ poisoned schools extremism debate | Andrew Faux, The Guardian

Teachers fear Muslim students are stigmatised by anti-radicalisation Prevent scheme | Ben Farmer & Harry Yorke, The Telegraph

The Government Has Been Told To Resolve Its “Broken Relationship” With Muslim Communities | Aisha Gani, Buzzfeed

Prevent strategy stigmatising Muslim pupils, say teachers | Sally Weale, The Guardian

Teachers’ fears over Prevent anti-terror programme | BBC News

January 2017

Together Against Prevent

Theresa May’s counter-terrorism bill close to ‘sinking without trace’ | Mark Townsend, The Guardian

Council admits racially discriminating against two boys over Prevent toy gun referral | Esther Addley and Alexandra Topping, The Guardian

Prevent is not working, and it undermines trust between teachers and pupils | Lucy Allan MP, Politics Home

New figures prompt claims of ‘no confidence’ in Scots counter terror policy | The Ferret

Towards a closed society: The worrying themes of the leaked OSCT PREVENT Catalogue | CAGE

London university admits to monitoring student emails under pressure Government anti-terror programme | Rachael Pells, The Independent

Prevent on campus: London university reads students’ emails | Areeb Ullah, Middle East Eye

UK counter-terror laws most Orwellian in Europe, says Amnesty | Owen Bowcott, The Guardian

UK counter-extremism agenda: ‘Safeguarding’ as routine punishment and collective self-policing | Les Levidow, Open Democracy

Google-hosted Muslim leaders summit linked to Home Office Prevent unit | Simon Hooper, Middle East Eye

Leaked government document names ‘vetted’ organisations in receipt of £1.2 million in PREVENT funding | CAGE

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December 2016

Together Against Prevent

Counter Extremism Bill could lead to investigations into people ‘miles away’ from terrorism | Shaun Connolly, The Independent

Mentally ill patients being referred to police for ‘de-radicalisation’ | Ala Abbas, Muslim News

School uses PREVENT to Threaten Muslim Parent Who Requested Pupil Removal from Christmas Assembly | Coolness of Hind

Anti-extremism programme Prevent sees referrals hit 7,500 a year | ITV News

Sixty kids a week referred to anti-extremism body Prevent | Sky News

UK police: We’re sorry for ‘Guess Who? Terrorism Edition’ | Simon Hooper, Middle East Eye

The battle of governments against extremism has to be credible | Richard Norton Taylor, Open Democracy

Schools are defining radicalisation, and it probably includes you | Emily Apple, The Canary

Most terrorism arrests lead to no charge or conviction, figures show | Vikram Dodd, The Guardian

The Prevent duty: can teachers be judges? | Bob Hindle, Manchester University

Far right threat has slipped under the radar of a counter-extremism strategy targeting Muslims | Bharath Ganesh, The Conversation

UK councils link ‘empathy’ for Palestinians to terrorism threat | Simon Hooper, Middle East Eye

Summary of Our Legal Case Against Prevent | Salman Butt, Islam21C

Home Office forced to defend anti-fracking groups from extremism claims | Mark Townsend and Ian Cobain, The Guardian

Why the Prevent strategy is harming integration rather than helping it in Bristol’s communities | Michael Yong, Bristol Post

‘Prevent’ strategy to be challenged for first time in British high court | Areeb Ullah, Middle East Eye

‘Prevent’ counter-extremism strategy faces legal challenge | Divya Talwar, BBC News

City of York Council’s anti-fracking terrorism links ‘ludicrous’ | BBC News

Prevent: why the UK’s counter-extremism programme is toxic | Jamil Hussein, Al Araby

Is the government’s PREVENT ‘science’ really peer-reviewed? | Coolness of Hind

Driffield headmaster sorry for linking anti-fracking to Islamic State in school newsletter | Ben Barnett, Yorkshire Post

This school just told parents that anti-fracking campaigners are extremists | Emily Apple, The Canary

Fury as Driffield School lists fracking groups alongside Islamic State in anti-terrorism advice | T Davidson, Hull Daily Mail

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November 2016

Together Against Prevent

Prevent strategy to be ramped up despite ‘big brother’ concerns | Alan Travis, The Guardian

The problem with the Quilliam Foundation | Tom Griffin, Open Democracy

Teachers raise concerns over ‘crass’ Prevent counter-extremism training | Simon Hooper, Middle East Eye

School reports Muslim boy, 7, to police over ‘bullet’ that was piece of brass | Helen Pidd The Guardian

Exclusive: Teachers are not being given adequate Prevent strategy training, poll finds | Charlotte Santry, TES

Prevent is stopping GPs like me from doing my job | Clare Gerada, New Statesman

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October 2016

Together Against Prevent

Telegraph Confirms Andrew Gilligan is a Liar | Coolness of Hind

Unions call on teachers to resist obligatory ‘toxic’ terror training | Kirsten Paterson, The National

Senior Doctor Says Prevent Strategy Is “Bringing Discrimination” Into Consultation Rooms | Aisha Gani, Buzzfeed UK

Children ‘more susceptible’ to radicalisation under Prevent anti-terror plan | Charlotte Santry, TES

Prevent is failing. Any effective strategy must include Muslim communities | Miqdaad Versi, The Guardian

UK’s Prevent counter-radicalisation policy ‘badly flawed’ | Ian Cobain, The Guardian

UK’s Prevent strategy alienating Muslim communities, report warns | Simon Hooper, Middle East Eye

Prevent anti-extremism strategy could threaten trust in doctors | Press Association

Preventing violent extremism: the role of doctors | John Middleton, The Lancet pdf

The Prevent Strategy Isn’t Working | Diane Abbott, Huffington Post UK

Instead of fighting terror, Prevent is creating a climate of fear | Amrit Singh, The Guardian

Prevent profiteers: companies exploit climate of fear | Hilary Aked. Al-Araby

Why we should scrap the Prevent Strategy | Alistair Carmichael, Prospect

Open dialogue in schools is the first step in fighting violent extremism | Anantha Duraiappah, The Guardian

Overhaul Prevent – then communities can support counter-extremism | Jenny Jones, Left Foot Forward

Muslims see anti-extremism scheme Prevent as a ‘spying programme’, admits terror law watchdog | Joe Watts, The Independent

UK terror watchdog backs calls for Prevent strategy reforms | Simon Hooper, Middle East Eye

British Muslims Living In Fear Of Prevent Strategy, Says Terror Watchdog | Aisha Gani, Buzzfeed UK

The Questionable Science Behind Government Terrorist-Prevention Efforts | Aviva Stahl, Vice

From torture to de-radicalisation: towards public accountability of secret policies designed to prevent terrorism | Vian Bakir, Open Democracy

Home Office Prevent unit linked to Iraq ‘black ops’ PR firm | Simon Hooper, Middle East Eye

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September 2016

Together Against Prevent

Government ‘must publish questionable science’ behind controversial counter-terrorism strategy | Robert Verkaik, The Independent

UK extremism screening for kids adapted from tests for convicted terrorists | Simon Hooper, Middle East Eye

Teenager Says He Was Blocked From Attending Labour Conference Because Of Prevent | Jim Waterson, Buzzfeed UK

Academics criticise anti-radicalisation strategy in open letter | Alice Ross, The Guardian

Anti-radicalisation strategy lacks evidence base in science | The Guardian – Letters

Britain’s loose definition of extremism is stoking a global crackdown on dissent | Jane Kinninmont, The Guardian

Oxford University vice-chancellor says Prevent strategy ‘wrong-headed’ | Rob Merrick, The Independent

Interview with Dr Salman Butt on Radicalisation, Universities & PREVENT | Islam 21C

Astonishing as it may seem, chanting ‘Viva Palestina’ could soon be a ‘hate crime’ | Yvonne Ridley, Middle East Monitor

‘Where to Guv, Raqqa?’ Prevent training included in taxi driver ‘knowledge’ tests | Simon Hooper, Middle East Eye

Pupils are ‘baffled by British values’ | The Yorkshire Post

Lib Dems aim to scrap ‘counter-productive’ Prevent strategy | Jessica Elgot, The Guardian

PREVENT is Untenable, it Needs to End | Coolness of Hind

Hundreds of children under 10 were ‘at risk of extremism’ in one year | Rob Merrick, The Independent

Referrals to government deradicalisation programme ‘increased sharply in 2015/16’ | ITV News

Fifteen years on from 9/11, how the UK bypassed justice to become a counter-terrorism state | Maria Norris, The New Statesman

This is what it is like to be a Muslim parent in a post-9/11 world | Huda Jawad, The Independent

Exclusive: Childline staff receiving controversial Prevent anti-terrorism training | David Jamieson, Common Space

Prevent courses on sale to schools deemed ‘poor quality’ by UK government | Simon Hooper, Middle East Eye

The politics of fear: how Britain’s anti-extremism strategy has failed | Tariq Ramadan, The Guardian

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August 2016

Together Against Prevent

The Prevent strategy needs a rethink, not a rebrand | Maria Norris, The New Statesman

The problem with Prevent: ‘I was investigated by the government’s anti-radicalisation programme’ – video | The Guardian

Prevent: Where Perception Is More Important Than Reality | Waqar Ahmed, Huffington Post UK

PREVENT has ended, ENGAGE is its rebirth | CAGE

Nine things British MPs want to change about Prevent | Areeb Ullah, Middle East Eye

Radicalisation? gets itself in cluster-muddle over ‘terrorism’ | Alexander J Martin, The Register

I was escorted off a flight due to racist profiling. Britain must banish this bigotry | Maryam Dharas, The Guardian

British MPs call for rebrand of ‘toxic’ Prevent strategy | Simon Hooper and Areeb Ullah, Middle East Eye

Scheme to stop radicalisation is shunned | Fiona Hamilton, The Times

Edinburgh College drops Prevent from its staff training | Scotland Against Criminalising Communities

Choudary’s conviction – and why we don’t need an extremism offence | Paul Goodman, Conservative Home

Bristol Muslim leader backs ending scheme that uses teachers and nurses to spot potential terrorists | Patrick Daly, The Bristol Post

We can all be a little radicalised: recognising this will help tackle extremism | Gavin Bailey, The Conversation

Glasgow teachers given training in “Snitchers’ Charter” | Scotland Against Criminalising Communities

I was held after reading a book on a plane – we need to rethink our terror laws | Faizah Shaheen, The Guardian

Dear Owen Smith – Backing the Racist Prevent Strategy Won’t Win You This Election, It’ll Lose Labour Votes | Ali Milani, Huffington Post UK

Radicalised girl’s death should prompt review of Prevent, says MP | Jamie Grierson, The Guardian

Theresa May’s counter-extremism strategy ‘negatively affecting unemployed Muslims’ | Andy McSmith, The Independent

Radical thinking: can violent extremism be prevented by addressing mental health? | Jessica J Steventon, Open Democracy

Armed police on the streets of London won’t stop terrorism while ordinary Muslims are labelled extremists | Robert Verkaik, The Independent

British Muslim held by anti-terrorism police for reading Syrian art book | Middle East Eye

Public-sector workers are being asked to become the thought police | Stephen Smellie, Morning Star

Government’s counter-extremism strategy faces court challenge | Simon Israel, Channel 4 News

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July 2016

Together Against Prevent

UK army called into ‘Trojan horse’ school to teach ‘British pride’ | Areeb Ullah, Middle East Eye

Counter terrorism duty will lead to ‘racist behaviours’ | Emma Seith, Times Education Supplement

8-Year-Old Was Referred To Deradicalisation Programme After Wearing A T-Shirt At School | Siraj Datoo, BuzzFeed News

NSPCC Co-Opting Counter-Extremism Agenda Raises Concerns | Coolness of Hind

Drive to instil British pride in Birmingham pupils to fend off extremism | Neil Elkes, Birmingham Mail

The UK’s Propaganda Machinery and State Surveillance of Muslim Children | Julian Vigo, Counterpunch

Mental illness has become a convenient scapegoat for terrorism – but the causes of terror are rarely so simple | Will Gore, The Independent

The Question Now Is Not If, But When, Prevent Will Be Repealed | Shelly Asquith, Huffington Post

Child radicalisation: NSPCC to advise concerned parents | BBC News

UK radicalisation hotline urges parents to monitor ‘disrespectful’ kids | Simon Hooper, Middle East Eye

Victoria Derbyshire show: Damning report on UK Govt’s counter extremism strategy | 5Pillars

Chorus of concern over Britain’s counter extremism strategy grows louder | Steve Hewitt, The Conversation

Treating Muslim children as terror suspects does not make Britain safer | Homa Khaleeli, The Guardian

What would these US Psychologists Make of Britain’s PREVENT Strategy? | Coolness of Hind

More than 500,000 public sector workers put through Prevent counter-terror training in bid to spot extremism | Ted Jeory and Harry Cockburn, The Independent

EXCLUSIVE: UK government to introduce ‘mandatory deradicalisation’ scheme | Simon Hooper. Middle East Eye

New counter-extremism strategy ‘could make fight even harder,’ MPs warn | Andrew Woodcock, The Independent

Parliamentary report slams UK government counter-extremism policies | Simon Hooper. Middle East Eye

Ministers ‘struggle to define extremism’ | BBC News

MPs and Lords call for review of Prevent anti-terror strategy in schools | Eleanor Busby, Times Education Supplement

MPs and peers demand review of Prevent duty | Freddie Whitaker, Schools Week

Counter-extremism bill branded confusing by peers and MPs | Peter Walker, The Guardian

The UK is pursuing French-style policies on extremism – but it may lead to more frequent terror attacks | Frank Foley, The Independent

Nursery nurse struck off for calling child ‘terrorist’ and a ‘bomber’ | The Guardian

Wording on boy’s t-shirt prompts radicalisation referral to social workers |Luke Stevenson, Community Care

The Dangers of Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) Programs | Alice LoCicero and J. Wesley Boyd, Psychology Today

More consistency please over Prevent inspections | Phil Hatton, FE Week

Prevent: UK anti-terror plan ‘harms children’s rights’ | Anealla Safdar, Al-Jazeera

One third of Channel referrals made by educators | Mend

Human rights group condemns Prevent anti-radicalisation strategy | Owen Bowcott and Richard Adams, The Guardian

Sector Response: Ofsted report on inadequate ‘Prevent duty’ to protect learners from extremism | FE News

Ofsted: FE providers are ‘falling short’ in protecting learners from extremism | Will Martin, Times Education Supplement

Independent training providers criticised in Ofsted report on implementation of anti-terror duty | Paul Offord, FE Week

Teachers made one-third of referrals to Prevent strategy in 2015 | Rebecca Ratcliffe, The Guardian

Legal duty to refer students under Prevent strategy divides teachers | Rebecca Ratcliffe, The Guardian

Archbishop of Canterbury intervenes to stop Sunday schools being affected by anti-terrorism laws | Harriet Agerholm, The Independent

Is Prevent turning teachers into spies? | John Dickens, Schools Week

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June 2016

Together Against Prevent

Row emerges after anti-Muslim literature used to ‘teach pupils about bias’ | Ajay Nair, Ilford Recorder

Where next for the counter-#Prevent movement? | Yahya Birt

Why Opposition to Britain’s ‘Toxic’ Counter-Extremism Policy Is Growing | Hilary Aked, Alternet

Our personal prejudices are blinding us to the rise of far-right terrorism | Maria Norris, New Statesman

“Five children a day” referred to Channel | MEND

Government may need to try again with Prevent definition | Smita Jamdar, FE Week

Children at risk of sexual exploitation if they don’t join an after-school club, warns school head | Telegraph

Outrage as school warns parents their children risk ‘sexual exploitation and radicalisation’ if they don’t join after class clubs | Jon Dean, The Mirroe

Cultural cold wars: The risk of anti-‘extremism’ policy for academic freedom of expression | Alison Scott-Baumann and Hugh Tomlinson QC, Muslimwise

NUS president calls for scrapping UK’s ‘corrosive’ Prevent programme | Alex MacDonald, Middle East Eye

What to do about Prevent? | Atif Imtiaz, Muslim View

I’ve studied radicalization – and Islamophobia often plants the seed | Sarah Lyons-Padilla, The Guardian

EXCLUSIVE: UK ‘grassroots’ anti-extremism campaign produced by Home Office | Simon Hooper, Middle East Eye

College Christian union supposedly banned by Prevent | Alix Robertson, FE Week

Andy Burnham calls for ‘toxic’ Prevent strategy to be scrapped | Frances Perraudin, The Guardian

UK Government To Spend £1 Million Polling British Muslims On Extremism | Alberto Nardelli, BuzzFeed Europe

UK accused of ‘thought control’ over counter-extremism strategy | Simon Hooper, Middle East Eye

Prevent Strategy Is ‘Counter-Productive’ But University Chiefs Are Too Scared To Speak Out, V-C Claims | George Bowden, Huffington Post UK

The Government’s Extremism Bill will do little to prevent extremism and much to undermine democracy and civil liberties | Katy Sian, Ceasefire

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May 2016

Together Against Prevent

Britain’s Prevent strategy: Potential implications for civil liberties | Ruth Tenne, Redress Information & Analysis

Operating in a Pre-Crime Space: Prevent and the Strange War on Vulnerability | Anonymous author, The Column

Exposure to violence, not religious ideology, is the real cause of extremism | Manni Crone, The Independent

UK government urged to ‘step back’ from plans to outlaw extremism | Simon Hooper, Middle East Eye

Does the Home Office think I’m an extremist? | Baroness Jenny Jones, Left Foot Forward

Anti-radicalisation chief says ministers’ plans risk creating ‘thought police’ | Vikram Dodd, The Guardian

Police study links radicalisation to mental health problems | Vikram Dodd, The Guardian

Prevent strategy ‘isolating’ British Muslims: European watchdog | Simon Hooper, Middle East Eye

Labour leader Corbyn calls for reform of Prevent strategy | Simon Hooper, Middle East Eye

Muslim students ‘avoiding politics’ over extremism register fears | Areeb Ullah, Middle East Eye

‘Prevent, Islamophobia and Civil Liberties’ – Why a National Conference on Prevent is Necessary | Dr Waqas Tufail, Muslimwise (SOAS)

Academics speak out against Prevent strategy | Siyang Wei & Louis Ashworth, Varsity (Cambridge University)

BBC Five Live report on Prevent | Adrian Goldberg, BBC Five Live Investigates Download MP3 here [logo-mp3, 43 Mb]

Theresa May’s Prevent bill is extremism in the name of security | Karma Nabulsi, The Guardian

Shami Chakrabarti slams ‘Prevent’ strategy at Bristol | Epigram, University of Bristol

Britain’s bid to socially engineer ‘good Muslims’ | Yasmin Khatun Dewan, Middle East Eye

UK government ‘running covert counter-extremism propaganda campaign’ | Simon Hooper, Middle East Eye

Govt-backed counter-extremist ‘propaganda’ program operating without oversight – report | Russia Today

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