May 2016

Together Against Prevent

Britain’s Prevent strategy: Potential implications for civil liberties | Ruth Tenne, Redress Information & Analysis

Operating in a Pre-Crime Space: Prevent and the Strange War on Vulnerability | Anonymous author, The Column

Exposure to violence, not religious ideology, is the real cause of extremism | Manni Crone, The Independent

UK government urged to ‘step back’ from plans to outlaw extremism | Simon Hooper, Middle East Eye

Does the Home Office think I’m an extremist? | Baroness Jenny Jones, Left Foot Forward

Anti-radicalisation chief says ministers’ plans risk creating ‘thought police’ | Vikram Dodd, The Guardian

Police study links radicalisation to mental health problems | Vikram Dodd, The Guardian

Prevent strategy ‘isolating’ British Muslims: European watchdog | Simon Hooper, Middle East Eye

Labour leader Corbyn calls for reform of Prevent strategy | Simon Hooper, Middle East Eye

Muslim students ‘avoiding politics’ over extremism register fears | Areeb Ullah, Middle East Eye

‘Prevent, Islamophobia and Civil Liberties’ – Why a National Conference on Prevent is Necessary | Dr Waqas Tufail, Muslimwise (SOAS)

Academics speak out against Prevent strategy | Siyang Wei & Louis Ashworth, Varsity (Cambridge University)

BBC Five Live report on Prevent | Adrian Goldberg, BBC Five Live Investigates Download MP3 here [logo-mp3, 43 Mb]

Theresa May’s Prevent bill is extremism in the name of security | Karma Nabulsi, The Guardian

Shami Chakrabarti slams ‘Prevent’ strategy at Bristol | Epigram, University of Bristol

Britain’s bid to socially engineer ‘good Muslims’ | Yasmin Khatun Dewan, Middle East Eye

UK government ‘running covert counter-extremism propaganda campaign’ | Simon Hooper, Middle East Eye

Govt-backed counter-extremist ‘propaganda’ program operating without oversight – report | Russia Today

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