August 2017

Together Against Prevent

Britain Forges Ahead With Anti-Extremism Commission | Daniel Blackman, National Catholic |Register

Prevent scheme ‘fosters fear and censorship at universities’ | Josh Halliday, The Guardian

Prevent: Home Office’s anti-extremism programme may be made compulsory in some cases | Rob Merrick, The Independent

Prevent scheme referrals double since 2017 UK terror attacks | Press Association, The Guardian

A senior copper has slammed critics of the government’s anti-terror strategy. But he’s convincing nobody | Glen Block, The Canary

Senior Met officer says some British Muslims ‘do not want Prevent strategy to work’ | John Ashmore, Politics Home

Universities stop spying on their students? Now that’s a radical idea | Giles Fraser, The Guardian

Schools ‘overzealous’ in reporting radicalisation fears | Helen Ward, TES

University cleaners trained to spot students at risk from extremism | Anna Davis, The Evening Standard