November 2015

Together Against Prevent

Thousands of workers given ‘cack-handed’ terrorism training | The Ferret

Radicalisation risk’ pupils in Waltham Forest named | Alex Bushill, BBC London News

Racial profiling does nothing to prevent terrorism or extremism | Sana Sarwar, The Independent

‘Stasi state’: Muslim group demands ‘full rethink’ of UK terror policy | Ben Flanagan, Al Arabiya News

Chair of Home Affairs Select Committee says he would “abolish Prevent” | 5Pillars

Half of all radicalisation referrals now come from schools, exclusive figures reveal | John Dickens, Schools Week

NHS-patient trust threatened by “Orwellian” terror law | Billy Briggs, The Ferret

Peaceful campaigners branded terrorist threats | Billy Briggs, The Ferret

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