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The Islamic Human Rights Commission has produced a comprehensive page of Prevent Strategy campaign resources

The following links are also helpful:

In October 2016, the Open Society Justice Initiative published ‘Eroding Trust: The UK’s Prevent Counter-Extremism Strategy in Health and Education’. The full 152-page report is available as a PDF herepdfand there is also a 16-page summary pdf

In August 2016, the House Of Commons Home Affairs Committee published its report ‘Radicalisation: the counter-narrative and identifying the tipping point’, which is available as a PDF here pdf

Netpol has produced “Resisting Prevent – an activists’ guide” available online or as a PDF here pdf

The United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child: Fifth report on the UK’s compliance with the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) expressed concern that “counter-terrorism measures do not enjoy public confidence due to the lack of transparency and they are widely perceived to have a discriminatory or stigmatizing effect on children, in particular Muslim children.” The report is available at here.

Training material for the government’s Workshop to Raise Awareness of Prevent sessions, more commonly referred to as WRAP training, was leaked in February 2016 and is available online.

In January 2016, the Home Affairs Committee published written evidence submitted by David Anderson Q.C. (Independent Reviewer of Terrorism Legislation), which proposes “some form of independent review of the Prevent strategy”, as “the lack of confidence in aspects of the Prevent programme, particularly but not exclusively among Muslims, is undeniable” pdf

In January 2016, the Institute of Race Relations published a report, Prevent and the Children’s Rights Convention pdf, supporting the National Union of Teachers’ call for a more rational debate on the Prevent duty in schools.

The London Assembly’s Police & Crime Committee December 2015 report ‘Preventing Extremism in London’ pdf includes a critical Minority Report by Green Party Assembly Member Jenny Jones

In December 2015, NUS Black Students Campaign launched a ‘Preventing PREVENT’ handbook on countering the Prevent agenda on campuses

The Defend Free Speech campaign launched in October 2015 to oppose the government’s proposed Extremism Disruption Orders

The Prevent Watch website went live in October 2015 and provides a mechanism for reporting Prevent-related incidents

New guidance pdf issued by the Family Courts Division in October 2015 on radicalisation cases will allow for the removal children on the basis of secret MI5 allegations their parents cannot counter and rebut.

Building Distrust: Ethnic Profiling in Primary Schools – Adam Belaon, Claystone, September 2015 pdf

School Governors and British Values – Robin Richardson, Insted Consultancy, August 2015

Educators Not Informants poster for staff working in higher education institutions in the UK to demonstrate their refusal to spy on their students, August 2015

Palestine Solidarity Campaign -Preventing our collective rights to dissent, to campaign, and to protest for Palestinian rights, August 2015

Universities and Colleges Union (UCU) – The Prevent Duty: a guide for branches and members July 2015 pdf

The Protecting Thought statement published in July 2015 has been signed by over 200 academics, activists, legal and medical professionals.

A Decade Lost: Rethinking Radicalisation and Extremism – Arun Kundnani, Claystone, January 2015 pdf

Palestine Solidarity Campaign ‘Prevent Duty Guidance’ response, January 2015

CAMPCC ‘Prevent Duty Guidance’ response, January 2015 pdf

Latest News

November 2016

Prevent strategy to be ramped up despite ‘big brother’ concerns | Alan Travis, The Guardian

The problem with the Quilliam Foundation | Tom Griffin, Open Democracy

Teachers raise concerns over ‘crass’ Prevent counter-extremism training | Simon Hooper, Middle East Eye

School reports Muslim boy, 7, to police over ‘bullet’ that was piece of brass | Helen Pidd The Guardian

Exclusive: Teachers are not being given adequate Prevent strategy training, poll finds | Charlotte Santry, TES

Prevent is stopping GPs like me from doing my job | Clare Gerada, New Statesman

October 2016

Telegraph Confirms Andrew Gilligan is a Liar | Coolness of Hind

Unions call on teachers to resist obligatory ‘toxic’ terror training | Kirsten Paterson, The National

Senior Doctor Says Prevent Strategy Is “Bringing Discrimination” Into Consultation Rooms | Aisha Gani, Buzzfeed UK

Children ‘more susceptible’ to radicalisation under Prevent anti-terror plan | Charlotte Santry, TES

Prevent is failing. Any effective strategy must include Muslim communities | Miqdaad Versi, The Guardian

UK’s Prevent counter-radicalisation policy ‘badly flawed’ | Ian Cobain, The Guardian

UK’s Prevent strategy alienating Muslim communities, report warns | Simon Hooper, Middle East Eye

Prevent anti-extremism strategy could threaten trust in doctors | Press Association

Preventing violent extremism: the role of doctors | John Middleton, The Lancet pdf

The Prevent Strategy Isn’t Working | Diane Abbott, Huffington Post UK

Instead of fighting terror, Prevent is creating a climate of fear | Amrit Singh, The Guardian

Prevent profiteers: companies exploit climate of fear | Hilary Aked. Al-Araby

Why we should scrap the Prevent Strategy | Alistair Carmichael, Prospect

Open dialogue in schools is the first step in fighting violent extremism | Anantha Duraiappah, The Guardian

Overhaul Prevent – then communities can support counter-extremism | Jenny Jones, Left Foot Forward

Muslims see anti-extremism scheme Prevent as a ‘spying programme’, admits terror law watchdog | Joe Watts, The Independent

UK terror watchdog backs calls for Prevent strategy reforms | Simon Hooper, Middle East Eye

British Muslims Living In Fear Of Prevent Strategy, Says Terror Watchdog | Aisha Gani, Buzzfeed UK

The Questionable Science Behind Government Terrorist-Prevention Efforts | Aviva Stahl, Vice

From torture to de-radicalisation: towards public accountability of secret policies designed to prevent terrorism | Vian Bakir, Open Democracy

Home Office Prevent unit linked to Iraq ‘black ops’ PR firm | Simon Hooper, Middle East Eye

September 2016

Government ‘must publish questionable science’ behind controversial counter-terrorism strategy | Robert Verkaik, The Independent

UK extremism screening for kids adapted from tests for convicted terrorists | Simon Hooper, Middle East Eye

Teenager Says He Was Blocked From Attending Labour Conference Because Of Prevent | Jim Waterson, Buzzfeed UK

Academics criticise anti-radicalisation strategy in open letter | Alice Ross, The Guardian

Anti-radicalisation strategy lacks evidence base in science | The Guardian – Letters

Britain’s loose definition of extremism is stoking a global crackdown on dissent | Jane Kinninmont, The Guardian

Oxford University vice-chancellor says Prevent strategy ‘wrong-headed’ | Rob Merrick, The Independent

Interview with Dr Salman Butt on Radicalisation, Universities & PREVENT | Islam 21C

Astonishing as it may seem, chanting ‘Viva Palestina’ could soon be a ‘hate crime’ | Yvonne Ridley, Middle East Monitor

‘Where to Guv, Raqqa?’ Prevent training included in taxi driver ‘knowledge’ tests | Simon Hooper, Middle East Eye

Pupils are ‘baffled by British values’ | The Yorkshire Post

Lib Dems aim to scrap ‘counter-productive’ Prevent strategy | Jessica Elgot, The Guardian

PREVENT is Untenable, it Needs to End | Coolness of Hind

Hundreds of children under 10 were ‘at risk of extremism’ in one year | Rob Merrick, The Independent

Referrals to government deradicalisation programme ‘increased sharply in 2015/16’ | ITV News

Fifteen years on from 9/11, how the UK bypassed justice to become a counter-terrorism state | Maria Norris, The New Statesman

This is what it is like to be a Muslim parent in a post-9/11 world | Huda Jawad, The Independent

Exclusive: Childline staff receiving controversial Prevent anti-terrorism training | David Jamieson, Common Space

Prevent courses on sale to schools deemed ‘poor quality’ by UK government | Simon Hooper, Middle East Eye

The politics of fear: how Britain’s anti-extremism strategy has failed | Tariq Ramadan, The Guardian

August 2016

The Prevent strategy needs a rethink, not a rebrand | Maria Norris, The New Statesman

The problem with Prevent: ‘I was investigated by the government’s anti-radicalisation programme’ – video | The Guardian

Prevent: Where Perception Is More Important Than Reality | Waqar Ahmed, Huffington Post UK

PREVENT has ended, ENGAGE is its rebirth | CAGE

Nine things British MPs want to change about Prevent | Areeb Ullah, Middle East Eye

Radicalisation? gets itself in cluster-muddle over ‘terrorism’ | Alexander J Martin, The Register

I was escorted off a flight due to racist profiling. Britain must banish this bigotry | Maryam Dharas, The Guardian

British MPs call for rebrand of ‘toxic’ Prevent strategy | Simon Hooper and Areeb Ullah, Middle East Eye

Scheme to stop radicalisation is shunned | Fiona Hamilton, The Times

Edinburgh College drops Prevent from its staff training | Scotland Against Criminalising Communities

Choudary’s conviction – and why we don’t need an extremism offence | Paul Goodman, Conservative Home

Bristol Muslim leader backs ending scheme that uses teachers and nurses to spot potential terrorists | Patrick Daly, The Bristol Post

We can all be a little radicalised: recognising this will help tackle extremism | Gavin Bailey, The Conversation

Glasgow teachers given training in “Snitchers’ Charter” | Scotland Against Criminalising Communities

I was held after reading a book on a plane – we need to rethink our terror laws | Faizah Shaheen, The Guardian

Dear Owen Smith – Backing the Racist Prevent Strategy Won’t Win You This Election, It’ll Lose Labour Votes | Ali Milani, Huffington Post UK

Radicalised girl’s death should prompt review of Prevent, says MP | Jamie Grierson, The Guardian

Theresa May’s counter-extremism strategy ‘negatively affecting unemployed Muslims’ | Andy McSmith, The Independent

Radical thinking: can violent extremism be prevented by addressing mental health? | Jessica J Steventon, Open Democracy

Armed police on the streets of London won’t stop terrorism while ordinary Muslims are labelled extremists | Robert Verkaik, The Independent

British Muslim held by anti-terrorism police for reading Syrian art book | Middle East Eye

Public-sector workers are being asked to become the thought police | Stephen Smellie, Morning Star

Government’s counter-extremism strategy faces court challenge | Simon Israel, Channel 4 News

July 2016

UK army called into ‘Trojan horse’ school to teach ‘British pride’ | Areeb Ullah, Middle East Eye

Counter terrorism duty will lead to ‘racist behaviours’ | Emma Seith, Times Education Supplement

8-Year-Old Was Referred To Deradicalisation Programme After Wearing A T-Shirt At School | Siraj Datoo, BuzzFeed News

NSPCC Co-Opting Counter-Extremism Agenda Raises Concerns | Coolness of Hind

Drive to instil British pride in Birmingham pupils to fend off extremism | Neil Elkes, Birmingham Mail

The UK’s Propaganda Machinery and State Surveillance of Muslim Children | Julian Vigo, Counterpunch

Mental illness has become a convenient scapegoat for terrorism – but the causes of terror are rarely so simple | Will Gore, The Independent

The Question Now Is Not If, But When, Prevent Will Be Repealed | Shelly Asquith, Huffington Post

Child radicalisation: NSPCC to advise concerned parents | BBC News

UK radicalisation hotline urges parents to monitor ‘disrespectful’ kids | Simon Hooper, Middle East Eye

Victoria Derbyshire show: Damning report on UK Govt’s counter extremism strategy | 5Pillars

Chorus of concern over Britain’s counter extremism strategy grows louder | Steve Hewitt, The Conversation

Treating Muslim children as terror suspects does not make Britain safer | Homa Khaleeli, The Guardian

What would these US Psychologists Make of Britain’s PREVENT Strategy? | Coolness of Hind

More than 500,000 public sector workers put through Prevent counter-terror training in bid to spot extremism | Ted Jeory and Harry Cockburn, The Independent

EXCLUSIVE: UK government to introduce ‘mandatory deradicalisation’ scheme | Simon Hooper. Middle East Eye

New counter-extremism strategy ‘could make fight even harder,’ MPs warn | Andrew Woodcock, The Independent

Parliamentary report slams UK government counter-extremism policies | Simon Hooper. Middle East Eye

Ministers ‘struggle to define extremism’ | BBC News

MPs and Lords call for review of Prevent anti-terror strategy in schools | Eleanor Busby, Times Education Supplement

MPs and peers demand review of Prevent duty | Freddie Whitaker, Schools Week

Counter-extremism bill branded confusing by peers and MPs | Peter Walker, The Guardian

The UK is pursuing French-style policies on extremism – but it may lead to more frequent terror attacks | Frank Foley, The Independent

Nursery nurse struck off for calling child ‘terrorist’ and a ‘bomber’ | The Guardian

Wording on boy’s t-shirt prompts radicalisation referral to social workers |Luke Stevenson, Community Care

The Dangers of Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) Programs | Alice LoCicero and J. Wesley Boyd, Psychology Today

More consistency please over Prevent inspections | Phil Hatton, FE Week

Prevent: UK anti-terror plan ‘harms children’s rights’ | Anealla Safdar, Al-Jazeera

One third of Channel referrals made by educators | Mend

Human rights group condemns Prevent anti-radicalisation strategy | Owen Bowcott and Richard Adams, The Guardian

Sector Response: Ofsted report on inadequate ‘Prevent duty’ to protect learners from extremism | FE News

Ofsted: FE providers are ‘falling short’ in protecting learners from extremism | Will Martin, Times Education Supplement

Independent training providers criticised in Ofsted report on implementation of anti-terror duty | Paul Offord, FE Week

Teachers made one-third of referrals to Prevent strategy in 2015 | Rebecca Ratcliffe, The Guardian

Legal duty to refer students under Prevent strategy divides teachers | Rebecca Ratcliffe, The Guardian

Archbishop of Canterbury intervenes to stop Sunday schools being affected by anti-terrorism laws | Harriet Agerholm, The Independent

Is Prevent turning teachers into spies? | John Dickens, Schools Week

June 2016

Row emerges after anti-Muslim literature used to ‘teach pupils about bias’ | Ajay Nair, Ilford Recorder

Where next for the counter-#Prevent movement? | Yahya Birt

Why Opposition to Britain’s ‘Toxic’ Counter-Extremism Policy Is Growing | Hilary Aked, Alternet

Our personal prejudices are blinding us to the rise of far-right terrorism | Maria Norris, New Statesman

“Five children a day” referred to Channel | MEND

Government may need to try again with Prevent definition | Smita Jamdar, FE Week

Children at risk of sexual exploitation if they don’t join an after-school club, warns school head | Telegraph

Outrage as school warns parents their children risk ‘sexual exploitation and radicalisation’ if they don’t join after class clubs | Jon Dean, The Mirroe

Cultural cold wars: The risk of anti-‘extremism’ policy for academic freedom of expression | Alison Scott-Baumann and Hugh Tomlinson QC, Muslimwise

NUS president calls for scrapping UK’s ‘corrosive’ Prevent programme | Alex MacDonald, Middle East Eye

What to do about Prevent? | Atif Imtiaz, Muslim View

I’ve studied radicalization – and Islamophobia often plants the seed | Sarah Lyons-Padilla, The Guardian

EXCLUSIVE: UK ‘grassroots’ anti-extremism campaign produced by Home Office | Simon Hooper, Middle East Eye

College Christian union supposedly banned by Prevent | Alix Robertson, FE Week

Andy Burnham calls for ‘toxic’ Prevent strategy to be scrapped | Frances Perraudin, The Guardian

UK Government To Spend £1 Million Polling British Muslims On Extremism | Alberto Nardelli, BuzzFeed Europe

UK accused of ‘thought control’ over counter-extremism strategy | Simon Hooper, Middle East Eye

Prevent Strategy Is ‘Counter-Productive’ But University Chiefs Are Too Scared To Speak Out, V-C Claims | George Bowden, Huffington Post UK

The Government’s Extremism Bill will do little to prevent extremism and much to undermine democracy and civil liberties | Katy Sian, Ceasefire

May 2016

Britain’s Prevent strategy: Potential implications for civil liberties | Ruth Tenne, Redress Information & Analysis

Operating in a Pre-Crime Space: Prevent and the Strange War on Vulnerability | Anonymous author, The Column

Exposure to violence, not religious ideology, is the real cause of extremism | Manni Crone, The Independent

UK government urged to ‘step back’ from plans to outlaw extremism | Simon Hooper, Middle East Eye

Does the Home Office think I’m an extremist? | Baroness Jenny Jones, Left Foot Forward

Anti-radicalisation chief says ministers’ plans risk creating ‘thought police’ | Vikram Dodd, The Guardian

Police study links radicalisation to mental health problems | Vikram Dodd, The Guardian

Prevent strategy ‘isolating’ British Muslims: European watchdog | Simon Hooper, Middle East Eye

Labour leader Corbyn calls for reform of Prevent strategy | Simon Hooper, Middle East Eye

Muslim students ‘avoiding politics’ over extremism register fears | Areeb Ullah, Middle East Eye

‘Prevent, Islamophobia and Civil Liberties’ – Why a National Conference on Prevent is Necessary | Dr Waqas Tufail, Muslimwise (SOAS)

Academics speak out against Prevent strategy | Siyang Wei & Louis Ashworth, Varsity (Cambridge University)

BBC Five Live report on Prevent | Adrian Goldberg, BBC Five Live Investigates Download MP3 here [logo-mp3, 43 Mb]

Theresa May’s Prevent bill is extremism in the name of security | Karma Nabulsi, The Guardian

Shami Chakrabarti slams ‘Prevent’ strategy at Bristol | Epigram, University of Bristol

Britain’s bid to socially engineer ‘good Muslims’ | Yasmin Khatun Dewan, Middle East Eye

UK government ‘running covert counter-extremism propaganda campaign’ | Simon Hooper, Middle East Eye

Govt-backed counter-extremist ‘propaganda’ program operating without oversight – report | Russia Today




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