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February 2017

Together Against Prevent

Yes, another white man is UK’s terror watch dog – but diversity is nothing without reform | Arzu Merali, Middle East Eye

REVEALED: UK universities told to ‘manage’ Palestine activism | Simon Hooper, Middle East Eye

Terror Watchdog tries to sell failed PREVENT strategy despite not being his remit | CAGE

David Anderson QC: Prevent strategy can work against radicalisation… if it is trusted | David Anderson QC, Evening Standard

Prevent is not a safety net – it is a programme designed to censor academic freedom | Charlie Peters, The Telegraph

Children as young as four to be taught about extremism as part of plans to toughen up Prevent strategy, leaked proposals reveal | Harry Yorke, The Telegraph

he Prevent duty turned my young clients’ lives upside down and destroyed their trust in others – it must be repealed | Debaleena Dasgupta, Liberty

East Lancashire MPs criticise Government’s anti-radicalisation scheme | Nic Marko, Lancahire Telegraph

Teachers are referring children to Prevent anti-terror programme ‘because they fear their schools will be marked down by Ofsted if they don’t’ | Kelly McLaughlin, Daily Mail

My little children were detained because of a toy gun. Prevent has gone too far | Anonymous, The Guardian

How Preventing Terror is Promoting Violence | Rob Faure Walker, Discover Society

April 2016

Together Against Prevent

Is the Government’s Anti-Terror Strategy Damaging British School Kids? | Oliver Hotham, Vice News

Muslim Stereotypes Used in Teacher Training to ID Terrorists | The Bridge, Georgetown University

Debates flare over Prevent strategy | Louis Ashworth, Varsity (Cambridge University)

Britain’s Counter-Extremism Strategy Could “Promote Extremism”, UN Investigator Warns | Siraj Datoo, BuzzFeed News

Prevent: A story of community resentment | Steven Saxby, Al Jazeera

Prevent: this is state censorship, not ‘safeguarding’ | Ciaran Morrisey, Spiked

Disability benefit cuts, the Met Police – and the terror threat | Chaminda Jayanetti, Sentinel News

Exclusive: UK Did Not Consult Any Muslim Organizations About Flagship Anti-Radicalization Website | Jenna Corderoy and Ben Bryant, Vice News

Prevent gives people permission to hate Muslims – it has no place in schools | Fahid Qurashi, The Guardian

Education Not Surveillance | Bill Bolloten, Occupied Times

Only 4% of people think David Cameron’s anti-extremist policy works | Joseph Watts, The Independent

Open Letter: Calling all Students and Staff to Resist ‘Prevent Duty’ at their University | Critical Legal Thinking

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March 2016

Together Against Prevent

Fixing the ‘Prevent’ Strategy in UK Education | Daniel Giraldo, E-International Relations

When my school received Prevent counter-terrorism training, the only objectors were white. That says it all | Rob Price, The Independent

Teachers back motion calling for Prevent strategy to be scrapped | Richard Adams, The Guardian

Government’s Prevent strategy means pupils ‘too scared to talk in case they’re branded radical’ | Richard Garner, The Independent

Teachers to call for ‘safe space’ for children to discuss radical views | Javier Espinoza, The Telegraph

Age of extremes – Is the government’s Prevent strategy a defence against terrorism or a threat to free speech? | Samira Shackle, New Humanist

Nursery ‘raised fears of radicalisation over boy’s cucumber drawing’ | Ben Quinn, The Guardian

Jihadi John biographer pulls out of speaking event over ‘gagging’ fears | Paul Peachey, The Independent

Warwick University staff praised by students for condemning Government’s green paper and Prevent scheme | Altab Ali, The Independent

Prevent strategy ‘stifles debate and makes teachers feel vulnerable’ | Owen Bowcott, The Guardian

NUS Black Students’ Officer to speak at UN about effects of PREVENT | NUS connect

Cardinal Nichols: Government’s Prevent strategy alienates people | Megan Cornwell, The Tablet

School demands detailed holiday plans from parents to tackle extremism and radicalisation | Freddie Whitaker, Schools Week

Remind me, Mr Cameron: what am I trying to ‘Prevent’? | Academics Anonymous, The Guardian

Preventwatch Seminar Highlights The Stigmatisation of Muslim Children | Shohana Khan, Huffington Post

Video: Terrorism expert wants Prevent programme review | BBC Daily Politics

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February 2016

Together Against Prevent

Governing through Prevent? Regulation and Contested Practice in State–Muslim Engagement | Therese O’Toole and others, Sociology pdf

Preventing free thought on campus | Jacob Furedi, Spiked Online

UK counterterrorism strategy just does not ‘prevent’ | Rachel Shabi, Aljazeera

I won’t stop offering a platform to so-called ‘hate speakers’ | Julius Weinberg, The Guardian

The mental trauma caused by Prevent on Muslim children | Amar Alam, 5Pillarz

UK doctors urged to boycott ‘unethical’ anti-extremism programme | Simon Hooper, Middle East Eye

Staff speak out over duty to spot possible terrorists | Chris Owen, Nouse

Anti-terror police question schoolboy for wearing pro-Palestine badge | Matt Broomfield, The Independent

Cage leaks training materials for Prevent anti-extremism strategy | Randeep Ramesh, The Guardian

Mandating doctors to attend counter-terrorism workshops is medically unethical | Derek Summerfield, BJPsych Bulletin pdf

UK teachers told to monitor pro-Palestine students for extremism | Simon Hooper, Middle East Eye

Prevent isn’t making anyone safer. It is demonising Muslims and damaging the fabric of trust in society | Letters, The Guardian

British Effort to Identify Potential Radicals Spurs Debate Over Profiling | Kimiko De Freytas-Tamura, The New York Times

Anti-terror laws risk ‘chilling effect’ on academic debate – Oxford college head | Richard Adams, The Guardian

What is Prevent really preventing? | Anisa Mustafa, Discover Society

Prevent strategy ‘sowing mistrust and fear in Muslim communities’ | David Batty, The Guardian

UK watchdog calls for review of government counter-extremism policy | Simon Hooper, Middle East Eye

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January 2016

Together Against Prevent

2016: The Beginning of The End of Prevent | Dilly Hussain, Huffington Post

Government’s counter-extremism agenda is creating a climate of suspicion, young Muslims in Bradford tell MPs | Claire Wilde, Bradford Telegraph & Argus

Birmingham Central Mosque Chairman calls for boycott of ‘racist’ Prevent programme | Yas Ali, Birmingham Mail

More than 400 children under 10 referred for ‘deradicalisation’ | Sima Kotecha, BBC News

I live in a ‘terrorist house’: police speak to Muslim boy, 10, over spelling error | Bonnie Malkin, The Guardian

Stop, look, listen: the university’s role in counterterrorism | Times Higher Education

Nursery staff urged to look for signs of radicalisation | Sally Weale, The Guardian

A threat to whom? Some implications of the rise of “extremist rhetoric” | Tom Barns, Open Democracy

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December 2015

Together Against Prevent

Britain’s police could become ‘thought police’ under plans to clamp down on extremism | Laura Hughes, The Telegraph

British Muslims and Prevent – interview with Malia Bouattia of the National Union of Students | Al Jazeera English

Claims anti-terror strategy forces Aberdeen doctor to spy on his juniors | Andrew Kellock, Aberdeen Press & Journal

Myriam Francois-Cerrah reports from London on UK anti-radicalisation | Myriam Francois-Cerrah, TRT World

Schools told to monitor internet access ‘to prevent radicalisation’ | Alison Kershaw, Mirror Online

Bolton headteacher slams government plan to stop young pupils becoming radicalised | Saiqa Chaudhari, The Bolton News

Prevent: Why London’s Greens can’t support the Assembly’s counter-extremism report | Jenny Jones, Mayorwatch

Society of mosques to boycott ‘racist’ anti-terror Prevent programme | Diane Taylor, The Guardian

How did mistrust of mainstream media become a sign of violent extremism? | Julian Petley, Open Democracy

Anti-Radicalisation Strategy ‘Alienating Pupils’ | Afua Hirsch, Sky News

Calls to scrap Prevent counter-terrorism strategy in Scotland as it ‘risks radicalising’ Muslim youth | Herald Scotland

Prevent programme ‘spying on our young people’, say east London imams | Randeep Ramesh, The Guardian

It’s time to cure Prevent | Philip Brittan, The Sunday Times (£)

Young people who question the Government or media may be extremists, officials tell parents | Jon Stone, The Independent

Peaceful campaigners branded terrorist threats | Billy Briggs, The Ferret

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November 2015

Together Against Prevent

Thousands of workers given ‘cack-handed’ terrorism training | The Ferret

Radicalisation risk’ pupils in Waltham Forest named | Alex Bushill, BBC London News

Racial profiling does nothing to prevent terrorism or extremism | Sana Sarwar, The Independent

‘Stasi state’: Muslim group demands ‘full rethink’ of UK terror policy | Ben Flanagan, Al Arabiya News

Chair of Home Affairs Select Committee says he would “abolish Prevent” | 5Pillars

Half of all radicalisation referrals now come from schools, exclusive figures reveal | John Dickens, Schools Week

NHS-patient trust threatened by “Orwellian” terror law | Billy Briggs, The Ferret

Peaceful campaigners branded terrorist threats | Billy Briggs, The Ferret

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October 2015

Together Against Prevent

OUSU to prevent PREVENT | Jack Schofield, Cherwell

The scattergun attack on extremism | Dan Sutton, Cherwell

Britain’s Counter Extremism Policies are Criminalising Muslim Thought and Expression | Jahangir Mohammed, Public Spirit

Students’ union rejects government funds in protest over ‘entryism agenda’ | Daniel Boffey, the Guardian

The dangers of UK’s new counter-extremism strategy | Peter Oborne, Middle East Eye

Prevent Strategy: ‘Teachers aren’t counter-terrorism experts and don’t want to be members of the security service’ | Russell Hobby, TES News

Islington Council to challenge Prevent scheme in wake of ‘eco-terror’ incident | James Morris, Islington Gazette

Anti-extremism drive puts British values at risk, says police chief | Vikram Dodd and Alan Travis, the Guardian

‘One Nation Counter-Extremism Strategy’ Risks Further Undermining Fight Against Terrorism | Muslim Council of Britain

Government launches hunt for extremists across public sector | Alan Travis. the Guardian

‘Prevent’ is the real free speech issue | Husna Rizvi, Varsity

Teachers’ extremist fears over boy, 10, after he complains about lack of prayer room | Daily Telegraph

Prevent: Failing Young British Muslims | Sadek Hamid, Public Spirit

The Prevent duty and its government-centred context | Bharath Ganesh, Public Spirit

Why Campaign Against the Arms Trade is one of the groups standing ‘Together against Prevent’ | Tom Barns, CAAT

The Channel programme: helping vulnerable people or nudging them towards radicalisation? | Stephanie Petrie, The Conversation

Large proportion of those referred to UK deradicalisation scheme are under 18 | Mark Tran, the Guardian

Anti-terrorism strategy ‘Prevent’ is considerably flawed | Natasha Ion, The Student Newspaper

The questions raised by Prevent ‘naming and shaming’ | Times High Education

UK: Keyword warning software in schools raises red flag | Simon Hooper, Al-Jazeera

Times Higher Education reports that “sections of a Downing Street statement that accused universities of hosting hate preachers are identical to those featured in a report by a controversial thinktank”, Students Rights (a project of the Henry Jackson Society)

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September 2015

Together Against Prevent

Young British Muslims alienated by ‘us versus them’ rhetoric of counter-terrorism | Aminul Hoque , The Conversation

Prevent will discourage the very students who can help fight extremism | Hicham Yezza, the Guardian

The British Government’s Anti-Terrorism School Programs Are Racist | Sam Kriss, Vice

Prevent strategy: naming and shaming of universities sparks concern | Times Higher Education

‘You worry they could take your kids’: is the Prevent strategy demonising Muslim schoolchildren? | Homa Khaleeli, the Guardian

Government warns NUS to stop opposition to Prevent strategy | Patrick Wintour, the Guardian

Student accused of being a terrorist for reading book on terrorism | Randeep Ramesh and Josh Halliday, the Guardian

Staffordshire apologise to student accused under Prevent strategy | Charlie Spargo, The Mancunion

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